Become a DefaultVeg Student Ambassador

Are you eager to make positive change on your campus?

The DefaultVeg Student Ambassador Program is for changemakers (like you!) who want to bring the global DefaultVeg movement to their university. Anyone is welcome to join with any level of experience! Equipped with essential tools and guidance, ambassadors are empowered to engage in constructive dialogue with key stakeholders, including dining staff, student clubs, departments, cafes, and campus restaurants, to advocate for the adoption of plant-based defaults. Our approach emphasizes collaboration over confrontation, is popular because it preserves freedom of choice, and works anywhere food is served, from a dorm room party to a dining hall. Most importantly, DefaultVeg Ambassadors have had a huge impact on campus food using this strategy!

By helping your campus make the shift to plant-centered food, you are helping foster a broader cultural shift towards more sustainable, inclusive, and plant-focused eating habits on campuses and beyond.

What to Expect

The program provides students with a structured approach to advocating for plant-based defaults on campus. Students of any experience level can join, as the process is tailored to individual needs. We will help you begin with simple steps that can be started today! Ambassadors can expect to improve their research, communication, advocacy, negotiation, project management, and leadership skills throughout the program. We will help each step of the way with training, form letters, research data, and other resources. In addition, you will have the opportunity to connect with other students working on similar projects all across the world.

Every campaign is unique, but here are some ideas of what the work may look like:

  • Find and connect with campus allies.
  • Ask groups to try out DefaultVeg in their events and activities.
  • Conduct surveys and assessments.
  • Communicate with decision-makers.
  • Host an educational event.
  • Participate in social media campaigns

There are no application deadlines; we accept new Ambassadors year-round. Upon joining, participants can anticipate receiving guided actions, beneficial resources, optional weekly training sessions, and open office hours for individualized support. The length of engagement depends on the progress made on your campus, and it is open-ended to accommodate ongoing development.

Join these inspiring students who are creating a resilient food norm on their campuses.

Parker Do worked to bring DefaultVeg to the  Bruin Model United Nations conference, making delicious plant-based meals the norm for over 2,000 participants. Meanwhile, Hannah Hughes spearheaded the introduction of an oatmilk default policy at Pitzer College, alongside piloting a similar initiative at Pomona College. Lauren Walcott and Alena Baker made waves at Northwestern University by successfully advocating for DefaultVeg across more than 20 student clubs and departments. Their persistent efforts contributed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and environmental awareness around food on campus.

If you’re ready to join the movement to create a more resilient world, by default, sign up below.

For University Faculty & Staff
If you’d like to integrate the DefaultVeg Student Ambassador Program with your school’s internship, service learning, or community service requirements, please contact Kenzie at
If you’re a professor interested in incorporating our Learning Module into your course curriculum, please contact Kenzie at Developed by faculty at the University of San Diego Center for Food Systems Transformation, this module will be available in Fall 2024. It helps students enhance their research and critical thinking skills while exploring our food system.