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The Better Food Foundation incubates novel strategies for diet change. Our vision is a world where plant-based food is the norm.

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Incubating strategies for diet change

We aim to accelerate the shifts to plant-centered eating that we already see taking place in the world and nudge people and institutions to adopt new norms where animal products are drastically reduced.

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Letter from the Executive Director

Jennifer Channin

These past few years have led many people to question long held assumptions about what is and ought to be normal. Ideas that seemed radical not long ago—that we should be eating far fewer animal products, that we shouldn’t keep sick animals crowded in cages and barns, that our diets impact the climate—may seem common-sense to a generation growing up during the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis. The snow globe of our food system has been shaken up, and we don’t know yet where all the pieces will land. In this moment of uncertainty there is an opportunity—to shape what the new normal will be in our food cultures, in our food economy, and in our relationships of interdependence and responsibility with the human and nonhuman beings with whom we share this planet.

There are a lot of ways to make our food system a little bit better for humans and animals without changing its underlying architecture—without shifting cultural norms and values, without changing who has voice and power in our economy. Instead, the Better Food Foundation is looking at the big picture. We envision a food system that serves everyone, where all stakeholders have a seat at the table. A food system in which delicious and diverse foodways flourish, farmers and workers and entrepreneurs thrive, ecosystems are regenerated, and human and nonhuman bodies are made healthy. And the only viable path to creating this food system is to shift towards a more plant-based food economy. Food connects us all. It can connect us for better, or for worse. We’re betting on better.

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