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Promoting Faith in Food

We support religious communities and leaders who play a vital role in working for food and animal justice. In addition to incubating organizations and leaders who work in their own contexts, we provide resources for interfaith coalitions to flourish and work together toward their shared education and advocacy goals.

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Faith in Food Partners

The Better Food Foundation (BFF) supports groups and individuals pioneering new strategies by providing financial resources, technical assistance, and intangible benefits like leadership development and mentoring that can bring projects to greater success quickly and effectively. As our partners grow in strength, experience, and impact, they improve the strategy and increase the capacity of the broader movement.

Christian Outreach

CreatureKind influences Christian institutions toward dietary change and compassionate food policies. CreatureKind has launched conversations with dozens of seminaries and divinity schools about serving fewer animal products and more plant-based offerings.

Jewish Outreach

Shamayim runs programs, campaigns, and educational opportunities to teach the Jewish community about animal advocacy and veganism. The Jewish Initiative for Animals helps Jewish communities and institutions adopt food policies that align with Jewish values, including compassion for animals.

Unitarian Universalist Outreach

Better Food Foundation’s Director of Education Rev. John Millspaugh is also Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry, which promotes compassion for animals—including meat reduction and vegan diets—in the Unitarian Universalist community.