The Perfect Pairing:
Coffee and Oatmilk

Have you flipped your coffee order yet?

Wherever you drink it, coffee brings us together.

It’s a meeting space, a common interest, and a social lubricant. Just like any other culture, coffee culture is formed in community with other people.

Increasingly, people are making plantmilks a part of this daily ritual, with a helpful nudge from cafes.

It’s so popular, in fact, that not only does oatmilk exist as an option in many cafes, but it is becoming the default.

That’s why we’re taking the time to collect your experiences. We want to know where you’re seeing plantmilk in your community.

The Better Food Foundation incubates novel strategies for diet change. Our mission is to create a world where plant-based food (and drink 😉) is the norm.

Can you help us document this coffee-cultural shift to plantmilk?

When you submit the form below, you’ll be entered to win a waterdrop tumbler and oatmilk themed stickers.

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